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Walking is one of the healthiest activities you can choose to help you maitain and gain physical mobility.

Back Pain
Studies indicate the most important factor in avoiding back injury may be your general physical conditioning
This suggests that regular aerobic exercise, such as walking or swimming may provide the conditioning a back needs to stay healthy.

Office Ergonomics
Factors that contribute to repetative strain injury:
- Posture
- Office Setup
- Technique
- Work Habits
How do you reduce the aches and pains:
- Stretch
- Move
- Variety
- Reduce Strain
Speak to a acupuncturist / osteopathist for a consultation.

Golf is a healthy activity to help you gain and maintain your flexibility and range of motion.
Golf includes waliking, lifting and repetative are motion, giving you the benefits of aerobic and strengithinging excercise programs



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8787 Woodbine Ave. Unit 237
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